Janet Sleigh – Who is she??

The natural world has always drawn my attention.  This is because my ancestors worked the land.  My grandfather collected seeds from every tree and plant on our little piece of Heaven.  He kept them in unmarked glass jars.  I glowed with admiration as he named every single one of those seeds, as well as the trees and plants they were collected from.

My intention was to marry a farmer but I fell head over heels for an English lawyer and moved to the country of his birth.  This land of mysticism and magic offered me adventure and personal growth as well as two beautiful sons and many dear friends.

The focus of indigenous cultures towards the earth and its spirit, its nurturing, sustaining and regenerative energy created a curiosity and magnetism that has directed my journey thus far.  I am earth based, earth conscious and an earth lover – she is my Terra Mama.

Like so many of us I have had the great good fortune to study, learn, practice and grow within my chosen field.  I worked quietly, studiously and intently with ‘off the grid’ mentors finding my way, my power and my craft.

I am an Earthmother shaman.  I am a protector of the land I live on and I listen to her.

At Huluppu I offer Shamanic Journey Therapy, Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Tarot Consultations.


Huluppu Bookshop – What a strange name!!

Huluppu is the ancient Sumerian Tree of Life.   This World Tree or Cosmic Tree is the gateway to the knowledge of oneself and the true nature of reality. 

Huluppu is a mystical, magical, esoteric bookshop.  We carry as many books on this subject as is possible in our little shop.  And at last count we have 250+ different tarot and oracle card decks – my joyful indulgence!!

Tarot Consultations – Why not?!

I bought my first tarot deck at age 22 and was immediately struck by the archetypes and images on the cards.  From that day to this I still find them absorbing. 

I am not a psychic.  That world holds low and complex energy.  It is the world in which we hold little power over ourselves and our lives.

The world I strive to live and work in is different – the causal world, the transcendent world. This is the place of freedom and release.

Consultations take on the shape and color of what a client is seeking, and so it would be difficult to explain how a consultation works. But come and try it!!

I offer a Spirit Journey Consultation where we use the Major Arcana cards to discover a client’s gifts of birth and the challenges they will face in their lifetime.  These are my favorite readings.  They pave the way for the client to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and pattern of their lives.